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What is aperiaperi wants to redesign the present care landscape and change our way of thinking about care. aperi is an open, innovative and reliable care platform that goes beyond a classic call system. With aperi we offer an innovative care solution not only for the intramural care, but also for the extramural care sector. aperi connects everybody everywhere at any moment of the day on each spot where they feel at home.

Why did we develop aperi? In 15 years 1 in 5 Belgians will be older than 65 years and almost 3% of the population will be older dan 85. The number of available beds in facilities for older persons has to be expanded considerably. In practical terms, 27.000 to 45.000 supplementary beds have to be created. In annual terms, the increase amounts between 1.600 and 3.500 extra beds per year. To put this result into perspective, it is considerably more than the average yearly increase of about 790 beds. Are there alternative ways to meet the increased demand for residential care? An obvious measure would be to increase the supply of home care in the form of service flats, assisted living facilities or living independent at home.

aperi supports the needs of alle the participants in the daily care, including residents, carers and professional care workers. aperi is a reliable system, not only at moments of emergency, but also for the everyday contact, any time of the day.
aperi is a scalable solution, that can be installed completely modular at the scale of the budget and the demands of the customer. aperi can be used in residential care centres, service flats, assistant living facilities or simply at home. aperi can be installed as a complete new system but thanks to the open standard, it can be used in addition to any existing system.
aperi is a business critical system, that has to work unfailingly at any moment of the day. We are aware of the need to react quickly on problems and keep our promises in terms of SLA promptly. We want to guarantee a professional service to our customers and profile ourselves as a reliable partner, who is always ready to help, also after the sale, 24/7.
aperi is based on open standards, so it gives you the freedom to connect it to any system: switches, emergency alert sensors, home electronics, RFiD-protocols, care software and even call systems of our competitors.

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An innovative care platform that gives peace of mind and at any moment of the day.