Anyone, anywhere, any system Connecting care

Our vision.

Aperi delivers cost effective and user friendly innovation to the healthcare sector improving the quality of service and rendering the care process more cost effective.

As a result, high quality care becomes more affordable and accessible by a larger part of our society.

What do we do?

Aperi specialises in communication systems for the healthcare sector for both greenfield and renovation projects.
We provide solutions for hospitals, revalidation center’s, senior care center’s and assisted living facilities.

Main characteristics of our solutions :

Feature rich, well designed and cost effective.

Robust, scalable & completely modular, tailored to the specific needs of your organization

Open (Aperi means “open” in Latin), can be connected to multiple other systems (emergency alert sensors, domotics systems, wire free protocols, care software and even nurse call systems of our competitors)


aperi supports the needs of alle the participants in the daily care, including residents, carers and professional care workers. aperi is a reliable system, not only at moments of emergency, but also for the everyday contact, any time of the day.


aperi is a scalable solution, that can be installed completely modular at the scale of the budget and the demands of the customer. aperi can be used in residential care centres, service flats, assistant living facilities or simply at home. aperi can be installed as a complete new system but thanks to the open standard, it can be used in addition to any existing system.


aperi is a business critical system, that has to work unfailingly at any moment of the day. We are aware of the need to react quickly on problems and keep our promises in terms of SLA promptly. We want to guarantee a professional service to our customers and profile ourselves as a reliable partner, who is always ready to help, also after the sale, 24/7.


aperi is based on open standards, so it gives you the freedom to connect it to any system: switches, emergency alert sensors, home electronics, RFiD-protocols, care software and even call systems of our competitors.

Who are we?

We are a Belgo Russian company. The Aperi team is Highly experienced in care communication systems. We have more than 16 years of experience in the healthcare sector.

Our group CEO, Peter Lambrechts, is a former member of the Armonea executive committee for 12 years, former CEO of Care Solutions and has more then 20 yrs of experience in the healthcare sector.

Raf Verbeeck is our group CTO & CEO for Aperi Belgium. He was the former ICT director of Armonea for 12 years and has more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare sector.

Our shareholders have a proven track record of over 40 years in the healthcare sector. They provide a living lab environment in Belgium to field test new innovative solutions & technologies

Peter Lambrechts
Peter LambrechtsGroup CEO
Raf Verbeeck
Raf VerbeeckGroup CTO & CEO aperi Belgium

Shareholder Structure

Palmyra Brands has gained an innovation-driven expertise of 40 years in the healthcare sector through participations in Group Van den Brande, Armonea, Colisée and Orelia Group

Beukenwoud, the entrepreneurial VC subholding from Palmyra Brands, became 100% shareholder of aperi Group in Q1/2020.

Our Clients